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Frequently Asked Questions

Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage

Are there any health conditions that are not suitable for reflexology?

Will reflexology be painful?

No, reflexology should not hurt or be painful to receive.  On occasion there may be certain reflex points on the feet that may feel sensitive or tender.  This is normal and is often due to tension, blocked energies or a build up of toxins in the body that need releasing.  Reflexology is generally a very relaxing, calming treatment to receive and a good therapist will always check that the pressure applied is comfortable.

Can you receive reflexology if you suffer with common foot problems such as athlete's foot, verrucas?

Yes, you can but as these are contagious skin diseases, and therefore the affected area would need to be covered and the area avoided during treatment.  I encourage anyone struggling with recurring or persistent foot diseases to seek medical advice and to treat with the appropriate medication.

Is reflexology safe to receive during pregnancy?

Yes, so long as your reflexologist is specifically trained to undertake treatment during pregnancy, it is usually safe to have treatments at any time.  Reflexology is normally safe to receive during pregnancy, though it can be wise to consult your medical practitioner if there are underlying health issues, illnesses or you have a history of recurrent miscarriages.

Can reflexology help get you pregnant?

Reflexology cannot claim or guarantee to achieve pregnancy, but it can help provide excellent support to relax the body and mind and regulate normal hormone production whilst preparing to conceive.  Trying to get pregnant can be a very stressful time.

For all clients trying to get conceive, I strongly encourage all couples to seek medical advice in the first instance to gain an insight into their fertility and to undertake the medical investigations and tests that may be required.

It is also helpful during this time for both partners to have regular reflexology treatments to assist and support the process.

What products do you use in reflexology?

For most clients, I use Tony Porter ART Reflex balm developed by Tony Porter (a leading reflexologist in the field) which contains lavender, rosemary and tea tree oil.  t is excellent for the treatment of hard, dry and cracked skin and is naturally germicidal.

For pregnant clients, I use grape seed oil.

Are there are health conditions that are not suitable for therapeutic massage?

What type of oils do you use to massage?

In my massage work, I use a range of seed and plant based oils, including grape seed, sunflower, evening primrose and jojoba which are hydrating, rich in vitamins and non-fragranced.

Can you treat people on medication?

Yes, providing you have either written medical consent from your GP/nurse, or you are willing to sign an informed consent form, outlining that I have explained the treatment and the possible healing reactions, and that you are happy to proceed with treatment without your GP's consent.

How long after an operation or major surgery can you have treatment?

This all depends on the type of operation you have had, how quickly your body recovers, how mobile you are and how well you are feeling in yourself.  An approximate guide would be to wait for up 4 to 6 weeks afterwards but in all cases written medical permission from your GP would be required.

Do you offer mobile appointments?

Generally no, as I am not a mobile therapist.  However, I understand that there are clients, such as the elderly, terminally ill or those who had recently had a baby or undergone major surgery that simply may not be able to travel to my practice to enjoy a treatment.  I therefore like to be flexible and will try to offer mobile appointments (reflexology only) to these clients if there is sufficient need.  These are priced at £55 per one hour treatment to help cover the additional travel and set up time.

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