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Treatments & Prices

All treatments can be tailored to the individual and where a combination of therapies are recommended then the treatment time and price will be jointly agreed beforehand.

Treatments & Prices

Treatment Price Time Description Next Steps
First Treatment Consultation £5.00 15 mins For first treatment only, a necessary consultation added to the main treatment
Reflexology £45.00 1-hour A therapeutic treatment working usually through the feet (can be hands), to stimulate the foot reflexes to encourage the body back into balance and natural harmony read more… Contact Information
Reflexology for Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal Care £45.00 1-hour A specialist reflexology treatment that supports your natural systems and helps to regulate cycles and natural fertility and assist & support you through the physical and emotional needs of pregnancy and the post-natal period. Contact Information
Reflexology for Priming Labour £45.00 1¼ hours A highly specialised treatment for late stage pregnancy or where baby is overdue (available between week 37 to week 42) and where natural process seems a little slow Contact Information
Deep (Double) Hopi Ear Candling £40.00 1-hour A soothing & gentle, double candling of each ear canal; aids ear & sinus decongestion.read more… Contact Information
Essential Therapeutic Body Massage £50.00 1-hour A deeply relaxing full-body massage encompassing the back, neck, shoulders, legs and arms read more… Contact Information
Head to Toe Full Body Therapeutic Massage £75.00 1½ hours A more thorough massage encompassing the back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, abdomen (optional), and scalp read more… Contact Information
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £40.00 45-mins An invigorating massage, using deep pressure to reduce tension and tightness in the upper body Contact Information
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £50.00 1-hour As above with deeper, slightly more prolonged work Contact Information
Gift Vouchers £ as treatments above You can purchase gift vouchers for any of the above treatments and are valid for one calendar year from date of purchase Contact Information

Payment & Cancellation Terms

Cancellations at less than 48-hours notice may incur a charge
Payment is by cash, cheque or PayPal (PayPal only, required in advance please)

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available on request. Please contact Rachel.

First Treatment

For a first treatment, please allow an additional 15-minutes for the necessary consultation.

An additional charge of £5.00 will be added for this time.

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