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First Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Feel Good With Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles using different techniques and pressure.  It can be used for relaxation, stimulation and rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it.  It promotes the suppleness and flexibility of the muscles, greatly improves circulation and helps to calm and de-stress the body and mind.

What Should I Expect At The Initial Consultation?

At your first treatment, I will conduct a personal consultation that adds about 15-minutes to your treatment time.  The purpose of this consultation is for me to gain a better understanding of your health concerns and lifestyle, home and work issues that might be giving rise to difficulty and what you are hoping to gain from your treatment.  We jointly agree a treatment plan designed specifically for you to target and treat any problem areas such as lower back pain, tension in the neck and shoulders, poor circulation in the hands and feet, etc.  At this time, I will also explain a little about the type of massage I plan to use, its benefits, healing reactions and how the treatments will be carried out.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

The Treatment

To begin with, I will leave you to get undressed and make yourself comfortable on the massage couch.  When you are ready and settled with the necessary pillows and blankets, I will usually put on relaxing music (optional), dim the lights and ask you to close your eyes and simply relax.

I will then begin the treatment, first by refreshing your feet, and stretching your legs.   I will then start to gently rock and move the muscles and joints in the back.  These are mostly preparatory stages to warm the muscles, loosen the joints and prepare your body for the deeper massage work that follows.  I will then fold back the towel into your underwear and begin the deeper treatment.  I usually apply a massage oil to enable the deeper therapeutic massage techniques.  This is usually a seed based oil such as sunflower or grape seed.

During the massage treatment I will check with you from time to time to be sure you are warm and the pressure is deep and firm enough.  At the end of the treatment, I will wrap you up and gently push your body inwards.  This indicates that the treatment is almost complete.   At this point, clients are often in a deep state of relaxation and I will leave you to spend a little time gathering your thoughts before getting yourself dressed and ready to leave in your own time.

After Treatment Advice

After the treatment, it is helpful to allow time for a drink of water and ensure that you are properly grounded, before you leave.

I also feel it is important you follow my aftercare advice in order to maximise the benefits of your treatment, which are simply to:

Possible Healing Reactions

As massage moves everything around in the body, to help cleanse and detox itself, it is not unusual to experience healing reactions during or after treatment.  If you have not had a treatment for a long time or are having one for the first time, the list below describes the most common healing reactions, although you may find you do not experience any of these;

Please be aware that these are all normal healing reactions and usually pass 48 hours after treatment.

Back massage

Massage arms

Rachel Therapeutic Massage

massaging below shoulder blade

massaging shoulder joint stretched

Massage Shoulder

Massaging hand
Massage hands

massage finger joint

restful setting
restful blossom